What Is FractalEscape?

FractalEscape is actually a pair of applications: FractalEscape and WinEscape. It generates escape-time fractals in a highly customizeable manner.

The versiosn of FractalEscape here are old, unmaintained software. Please go up to the main page for current, maintained versiosn.

What Can It Do?

A Note About Versions

The two 1.6 versions (FractalEscape and WinEscape) are essentially the same program. They both use the same code for generating fractals. FractalEscape is a 32-bit only (i.e. no Windows 3.1, but I doubt that's relevant any more) commandline program, while WinEscape is a graphical interface to the generator. The code used for generating output is identical.

Please note that both 1.6 versions of the program require Windows 95, 98, or NT (probably works on 2000 & XP too). The commandline version will not work in the MS-DOS mode of Win 9x. You must be running in the GUI.

The 1.7 version is only in source form, and only tested on Linux. It fixes several bugs that were present in the Windows version, however I no longer have the tools or the motivation to fix the Windows versions. More importantly, I lost the Windows specific code some time ago.

Download The Software

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