Cats, mine and others



Dusty, my Siamese kitten

Tippy & Charlie

Nat's cats Tippy & Charlie


Jen's cat Peets

Tippy with Dusty & Peanut

Tippy has visited with my ladies Dusty and Peanut, with sometimes amusing results.

Former Kitten, Slide

My family got this adorable kitten in the summer of 1999, and it grew growing at an insane rate! He was at least part Maine Coon, which means he could have gotten big enough to attack dogs. Sadly, he ran away :(

Zsa Zsa and Pirate

Family's new kittens Zsa Zsa and Pirate


My younger kitten, Peanut

Dusty and Peanut

Dusty and Peanut (my two cats) hanging around together

Peets with Dusty and Peanut

Peets visiting with my cats.

Nat & Dana's Babysitting Pictures

Pictures Nat & Dana took while babysitting Dusty, Peanut, and Peets

Nyx & Stormy

Friend's cats Nyx & Stormy

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