Trips & Events

Trips I've taken and some non-travel events


College Graduation

Some (blurry) pictures from my college graduation and related ceremonies

Utawana 2001

Pictures from the fall 2001 trip to Lake Utawana in the Adirondacks

New Year's 2001-2002

Pics from New Year's Eve 2001-2002

Utawana 2002

Pictures from the 2002 trip to Lake Utawana

Camping with Precursor

Pics from the camping trip in the White Mountains I took with Precursor (AKA Jordan)

Whale Watch August 2002

Pictures from the whale watch out of Gloucester, MA in August 2002

Chattanooga TN RR Museum

Pictures of the railroad museum in Chattanooga, TN where I stayed for Rabbit's Wedding

Acadia 2002

Pictures from the trip to Acadia Nat'l Park in Maine on Columbus Day weekend, 2002. This was a historic year for the family in terms of how many years in a row we'd been going there that weekend.

Big E RR Show 2003

Pics from the railroad show at the Big E (Eastern States Exposition Center) in February 2003

Southwest 2003

Pictures from the family's April 2003 trip to the Southwest USA

Suit-o-ween 2003

They told us we couldn't 'dress up for Halloween' because the CEO and whatnot were coming through. So ...

Eastern Seaboard Roadtrip April 2004

Pictures from the family roadtrip along the Eastern seaboard and barrier islands in April 2004.

Acadia 2004

Columbus day weekend, 2004

Pacific Northwest 2005

My pictures from the family vacation to the Pacific Northwest in June/July 2005, visiting Oregon Caves, Redwoods, and Lava Beds.

Acadia 2005

Pictures from the family trip to Acadia National Park in October 2005

Acadia 2006

October 2006 trip to Acadia National Park

Bermuda July 2007

Bermuda July 2007

Acadia 2007

Acadia National Park in Maine, October 2007

Lunar Eclipse 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse, February 21st 2008

Hawaii April 2008

Trip to Kaua'i and Maui in April, 2008

Hope 2008

The Last Hope, July 2008

Acadia 2008

Acadia National Park, October 2008

Iceland 2010

Visit to Iceland in February 2010

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